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Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket

I Cup Boobs by Hot Powers
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the breast toy that will change your life

The long long awaited sequel to one of the hands down best Breast toys that existed in human history, the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, is now here and ready to make all your Titty desire come true. The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket Breasts are a lot bigger than the original ones, coming in at 4600 Grams or over 10 lb. They are super bouncy and jiggly and simply a joy to play with. They are just like everyone would wish big tits to be, soft and enjoyable. The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket also has some pretty big nipples which are inviting you to suck them and play with them. Also, no matter what size you are, the perfect Paizuri (japanese for titty fuck) is guaranteed with the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket. In the end it is safe to say that Hot Powers has done an outstanding job here and we are spechless of what they created here. There is not much that can rival the Rocket version of their popular Chichifueta.

The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket male sex toy by Hot Powers features
  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • huge tits to play with
  • super jiggly and bouncy
  • get the titty fuck of your life, no matter the size
  • weight about 4600 Grams
  • size approx. 400x150x230mm

Product Type: Boobs


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