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Puni Ana ROID

Electric Powered by EXE
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The first Electric Puni Ana experience

EXE Japan are evolving their popular Puni Ana Series with the Puni Ana ROID Piston - a state-of-the-art piston male masturbator that was created with the sole intention of sucking every last drop from your sack. Featuring an innovative multi-plain motion (back-and-forth and rotating), with seven different beat patterns and seven different rotation patterns, this piston boasts an impressive total of forty-nine different settings. It also features a soft-sound system for added realism via a speaker and headphone socket. The Puni Ana Roid can be charged via any standard USB port and comes with a lid and a useful docking stand that can be adjusted in its height to your personal needs by a total of 145°. This easy-to-clean male masturbator piston will provide you with hours upon hours of diverse and pleasurable penis entertainment!

The Puni Ana ROID Electric Masturbator Features:
  • Innovative Piston Male Masturbator by EXE Japan
  • a total of 49 Different Pleasure Variations
  • Soft-Sound System With Small Speaker & Headphone Socket - 10 Minutes of Recorded Voice of Puni Ana (voiced by Soyokaze Mirai)
  • Easy to Clean Design With Removable Sleeve and Lid
  • Charging Dock Stand
  • Weight: 875 Grams
  • Dimensions: 310 x 90 mm

Product Type: Electric Powered


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