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Puni Ana F

Blowjob Onahole by EXE
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the legendary Puni Ana blowjob male masturbator

The Puni Ana F is the first onahole of the popular Puni Ana onahole series that focuses on creating a unique and realistic blowjob experience. EXE Japan has put all their knowledge and what made the Puni Ana series so great into this onahole. The outside design of the Puni Ana F is realistically designed with a soft mouth with lips. On the inside we have a very realistic tongue which feel very soft and stimulating on your Glans when entering. As a real throat the Puni Ana F gets tighter the deeper you go which also is perfect for deep throat play. Squeeze the Puni Ana F gently to create a Vacuum. The art design on the package is very nicely designed and adds a lot to the excitement. If you love blowjobs than there is surely no way around the Puni Ana F onahole.

The Puni Ana F blowjob onahole from EXE features
  • Genuine male sex toy from EXE Japan
  • part of the widely popular Puni Ana onahole series
  • a highly realistic blowjob experience
  • item weight about 330 Grams
  • item dimensions
  • comes with a small sample lotion

Product Type: Blowjob Onahole


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