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Virgin Type Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Virgin male masturbator

Another incredibly innovative onahole from the masters at Magic Eyes, the Maiden onahole is based on a girl trapped in an iron maiden, letting you have your way with her. Surely that's a fetish out there somewhere, right? Don't worry, Magic Eyes have it covered. Maiden attempts to simulate a virgin pussy by going one step further than most onaholes, as she'll actually bleed the first time you penetrate her tight untouched pussy. Really! The onahole ships with a thin layer covering her opening, forcing you to actually break through. Taking Maiden's virginity is an experience you'll never forget.

The Maiden onahole from Magic Eyes features
  • Virgin male sex toy
  • Unique package design with a little innocent girl
  • Made by Magic Eyes
  • onahole weight about 310 Grams
  • onahole dimensions approx. 158mm length
  • comes with a small sample lotion

Product Type: Virgin Type Onahole


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