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Kupa Trip Mattari Soft

Soft Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Soft Version of the popular Kupa Trip Pocket Pussy

This steampunk chick is sexy and horny as hell and she wants a nice stiff gear to work. The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Onahole by Magic Eyes is the soft version of the original Kupa Trip. It provides a softer, and gentler sensation with its supple materials and design. The exterior is a seductive deep pink colour and features a unique gear engraving within the material. The inner tunnel is a lighter pink and consists of a snug meandering tube veiled in a complex assortment of soft nubs that rub and stroke the length of your member on each stroke. As is the same with the other toys in the Kupa Trip series, the box art is superb and the steampunk girl with her legs in the air exposing her white panties invitingly is sure to get you in the mood to venture within her pussy. The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft is also made from "Magic Eyes Skins" materials ensuring it is highly durable and pleasurable.

The Kupa Trip Mattari Soft Sex Toy Features:
  • Hentai Steam-Punk Theme Male Masturbator
  • Soft Type
  • Dual-layer Design
  • Unique Gear Engraving on Exterior
  • Made from Magic Eyes Premium "Magic Eyes Skin" Materials
  • Comes With Complimentary Lubricant
  • Weight: 340 Grams
  • Dimensions: 150 x 67 mm

Product Type: Soft Onahole


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