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I am Uterus Okunomiya Kobukuro

Uterus Onahole by Hot Powers
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Womb Sex Fetish Masturbator

The I am Uterus Okunomiya Kobukuro Onahole is a wonderful male masturbator made by Hot Powers that allows you to experience a sexy girl's most intimate area - her uterus. Her inner love tunnel is made up of a tight entrance hole and snug tube veiled in soft rings. Push through these rings and into the second half of her deep tunnel, and your member will encounter a second hole making up the entrance to her uterus, where you'll experience wonderful sensations in a warm, orgasm-inducing embrace. The exterior of the I am Uterus Okunomiya Kobukuro Onahole makes it easy to grip and handle as you use it, and the premium materials are easy to maintain and keep clean. If you have a uterus fetish, or if you're just looking for a stimulating toy, this is a superb choice for beginners and veterans alike.

The I am Uterus Okunomiya Kobukuro Onahole Features:
  • Uterus-Themed Male Masturbator by Hot Powers
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel With Uterus End Chamber
  • Useful Grip Exterior for Ease-of-use
  • Complimentary Lubricant Included
  • Weight: 430 Grams
  • Dimensions: 165 mm
  • Made in Japan

Product Type: Uterus Onahole


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